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Promote Harmony and Cooperation Among All Things!



The mind that is upset by confused circumstances will lose ground and fail, but the mind that continues calmly in harmony with everything, no matter what the circumstances may be, will master every occasion and steadily rise in the scale. He will continue to make real the ideal because he is living in that harmonious state of being where the ideal and the real are harmoniously blended into one. To promote the highest and most perfect state of continuous harmony we must learn to meet those persons, things and events, with which we come in daily contact, in the right mental attitude. The result of such an attitude is determined directly by the nature of our own attitude of mind, and as we can express ourselves through any attitude we desire, it is in our power either to spoil the most promising prospects or convert the most unpromising conditions into the greatest success. We should train ourselves to meet everything in that attitude of mind that expects all things to work out right. When we deeply and continually expect all things to work out right we relate ourselves more perfectly with that with which we come in contact; we take things, so to speak, the way they ought to be taken, and we thereby promote harmony and cooperation among all things concerned.

~Christian D. Larson

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Phenomenal Friday-8 Things To Remember When Life Gets You Down



I’ve gone through a lot of roadblocks, potholes, mountains and heartbreak in my life. Sometimes I wonder if challenges are really meant to make us stronger or just tear us down to a point where we concede that life is a game we cannot win! One up, two down and on and on it goes until there’s nothing left. Well, when the going gets tough— that the tough get going. Right?

1. Life is not always a bed of roses but when it becomes utterly tough and you feel you can’t go on have some lemonade, enjoy the sunshine and remember to always be thankful.

2. Even when things are not abundantly clear, trust the journey.

3. There is no crime reinventing your goals,  the greatest crime is giving up when you have a dream in your heart.

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