Frogs, Phobias, and Other Things


“To be afraid of (something or someone), to expect or worry about (something bad or unpleasant), to be afraid and worried”  ~ Merriam Webster Dictionary
I once had a neighbour whose daughter at the time was same age as my oldest. Like all……wel most four years old, she loved collecting things, anytime they were outdoors they collected snails, seeds, lady bugs, and lizards. One day the neighbours daughter caught a baby frog, she showed it to me and I told her it was beautiful, but when she showed it to her mother, she literally jumped to the ceiling and started shouting at her to drop the frong. She smashed it with his foot, spanked her daughter, and told her it was bad, she told her the frog was dangerous because it had teeth and could bite her finger off. On her next birthday, I bought my neighbour’s daughter a book about frogs, during the course of her birthday party I explain about the different types of Frogs and that the ones in our surrounding area were not poisonous or dangerous, and it was ok to pick them up, as long as she didn’t hurt them because all living creatures deserved respect.

But even with all my explaining FEAR had already taken over, from that day on each time she went outside she was cautious, she never collected anything again for fear of finding another frog. He entire childhood changed, she became fearful of almost everything that crawl, jumped or slithered on the ground. Years later I ran into her, now a young woman she was explaining how she had broken her ankle running from a frog that her young son had brought into the house.

There are only two fears we were born with, one is the fear of falling, the other is the fear of loud sounds. However, through superstition, social upbringing and the mind, we create fear within ourselves. Fear of going outside, fear of speaking in public, fear of starting a new life, fear of leaving a dead end job, fear of leaving a bad relationship, fear being stuck in traffic, and even fear of people. I can go on and on with a list of ‘phobias’ we’ve imposed on ourselves. These fears stop us dead in our tracks, they often take over our lives. The grip of fear is like the grip of death, once it takes hold, it never lets go. I have fears, but I’m quickly learning to control them and not let them control me.

Beginning to today, make a list of all your fears, whether it fear about money, moving on or moving out. Make a list and each day work on overcoming at least one of those fears. Begin your day with the affirmation of…………I release this fear of ___________ I will no longer let this fear control my life, instead I will control my fear.

Here’s a link to an interesting, if not disturbing, story about baby Albert……..A child who was taught FEAR


Seedlings of Reality


“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.”~ James Allan

When we start on our journey of self discovery, the first line of attack comes from within. Many dreams were killed long before they had the opportunity to see the light of day, many goals were sent to the cutting room floor without even making it to the final script. We are our own worst enemy, we have self doubt, we allow fear to stop us in our tracks, we tell ourselves we’re not good enough, not smart enough and we allow ourselves to die FULL. Full of ideas, knowledge, wisdom, inventions, skills and talents that was entrusted in us to make this world a better place to leave for our children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews. 

What are you filled with? If you were to die today, what talents or skills will be buried with you? What invention will they lay to rest with you?

© Etta D. Richards

The Novice

“Any person who selects a goal in life which can be fully achieved, has already defined his own limitations.” ~ Cavett Robert

I started this blog almost a week ago, after much consideration about what I wanted to do with all the FREE time I have on my hands until I dive back into a full time 9-5er. But several major questions arose while creating this site….

1.Will I be able to maintain this? Blogging is a full time job in itself because viewers are expecting not only new content each day, but also substantial content. They’re looking for you to fulfil your purpose, and deliver what was promised in your blogs. Maintaining? Yes! But this question led me to my question # 2.

2. Will I have the time? Despite having 24hrs in a day, the mind doesn’t seem to work 24hrs, at least not controllably anyways. The mind never shuts off, however, it doesn’t always run at will either. So I’m trying to discipline myself in making time to keep my blogs coming.

3.Will your content interest people? This I’m hoping. As noted in my previous blog post  Procrastination I also write, so it’s my hope that through blogging, I can build my skills as a writer while getting instant feedback. But in addition to that, as in my page description says, I would also like to inspire, motivate and educate others through my writing and/or through articles I’ll share from time to time on here.

4. How will I get people to follow my blog? Well this is the million dollar question I’m still looking into. But did let my fingers do the walking as I searched the web for insight. Even signing up for several (free) blogging courses online, one of which is hosted by, in hopes of gaining insight on how to build an audience, formating my post, building content, etc.

5. Last but no least……Where will I find content for my blog? This took me back to # 4. I’ll just let my fingers do the walking to find articles, or even other blogs to share. I found that this will not only give me content, but also, hopfully, build my network as well. Remember when the internet was new? There were the haves, and the have nots. All the haves had their little clique because they were surfing the web and therefore had so much more to speak about than the have nots. They shared information about websites they visited, email providers etc. Well from what I’ve been following online, Blogging is kinda like that. Bloggers have their own cliques or communities where they share ideas, blogs, and their experiences. So back to #3, in addition to my own personal thoughts, I’ll be networking with others as well.


Love is any and everything you wan it to be. Love is being yourself even if people think you’re crazy. Love is seeing yourself in your children. Love is now. Love is sharing a meal. Love is basking in the sun. Love is the moon, the stars dancing in the heaven. Love is day. Love is night. Love is eternal. Love is life. Love is licking lollipops with toddlers. Love is spontaneous. Love is unstable. Love is confusion. Love is jealously. Love is compassion. Love is obsessive. Love is dark. Love is pain. Love is ironic. Love is a metaphor. Love is shopping with friend(s). Love is kissing a boy. Love is kissing a girl. Love is holding hands in the rain. Love is sharing secrets. Love is music and lyrics. Love is profound. Love is destiny. Love is Magical. Love is fantasy. Love just is. Love is spending time with your daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather. Love is giving life even if means your own. Love is seeing the innocence in a child’s eye. Love is food for the soul. Love is wine. Love is laying naked thinking about the future. Love is swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Love is teaching mermaids how to dance. Love is looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Love is knowing you’re unique and there’s no one else on the planet like you. Love is self. Love is Love……………..I’m in love with love-I’m in love with life! Love is my life and Life is my love! Isn’t it a wonderful this thing called LOVE? Give Love. Make Love. Take Love

Remember-Love yourself always and others will have to do the same!

© Etta D. Richards