“Any person who selects a goal in life which can be fully achieved, has already defined his own limitations.” ~ Cavett Robert

I started this blog almost a week ago, after much consideration about what I wanted to do with all the FREE time I have on my hands until I dive back into a full time 9-5er. But several major questions arose while creating this site….

1.Will I be able to maintain this? Blogging is a full time job in itself because viewers are expecting not only new content each day, but also substantial content. They’re looking for you to fulfil your purpose, and deliver what was promised in your blogs. Maintaining? Yes! But this question led me to my question # 2.

2. Will I have the time? Despite having 24hrs in a day, the mind doesn’t seem to work 24hrs, at least not controllably anyways. The mind never shuts off, however, it doesn’t always run at will either. So I’m trying to discipline myself in making time to keep my blogs coming.

3.Will your content interest people? This I’m hoping. As noted in my previous blog post  Procrastination I also write, so it’s my hope that through blogging, I can build my skills as a writer while getting instant feedback. But in addition to that, as in my page description says, I would also like to inspire, motivate and educate others through my writing and/or through articles I’ll share from time to time on here.

4. How will I get people to follow my blog? Well this is the million dollar question I’m still looking into. But did let my fingers do the walking as I searched the web for insight. Even signing up for several (free) blogging courses online, one of which is hosted by WordPress.com, in hopes of gaining insight on how to build an audience, formating my post, building content, etc.

5. Last but no least……Where will I find content for my blog? This took me back to # 4. I’ll just let my fingers do the walking to find articles, or even other blogs to share. I found that this will not only give me content, but also, hopfully, build my network as well. Remember when the internet was new? There were the haves, and the have nots. All the haves had their little clique because they were surfing the web and therefore had so much more to speak about than the have nots. They shared information about websites they visited, email providers etc. Well from what I’ve been following online, Blogging is kinda like that. Bloggers have their own cliques or communities where they share ideas, blogs, and their experiences. So back to #3, in addition to my own personal thoughts, I’ll be networking with others as well.