Love is any and everything you wan it to be. Love is being yourself even if people think you’re crazy. Love is seeing yourself in your children. Love is now. Love is sharing a meal. Love is basking in the sun. Love is the moon, the stars dancing in the heaven. Love is day. Love is night. Love is eternal. Love is life. Love is licking lollipops with toddlers. Love is spontaneous. Love is unstable. Love is confusion. Love is jealously. Love is compassion. Love is obsessive. Love is dark. Love is pain. Love is ironic. Love is a metaphor. Love is shopping with friend(s). Love is kissing a boy. Love is kissing a girl. Love is holding hands in the rain. Love is sharing secrets. Love is music and lyrics. Love is profound. Love is destiny. Love is Magical. Love is fantasy. Love just is. Love is spending time with your daughter, son, mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather. Love is giving life even if means your own. Love is seeing the innocence in a child’s eye. Love is food for the soul. Love is wine. Love is laying naked thinking about the future. Love is swimming with dolphins in the ocean. Love is teaching mermaids how to dance. Love is looking for a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Love is knowing you’re unique and there’s no one else on the planet like you. Love is self. Love is Love……………..I’m in love with love-I’m in love with life! Love is my life and Life is my love! Isn’t it a wonderful this thing called LOVE? Give Love. Make Love. Take Love

Remember-Love yourself always and others will have to do the same!

© Etta D. Richards

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