My Life & Time- Writing101 Assignment No. 5: Let Social Media Inspire You


“Life is not a destination but a serious of events that shape our journey”

~ Etta D. Richards
March 28th, 1969 I opened my eyes and fell in love with the world.

March 28th, 1979 I discovered that there was life beyond the Horizon. The world was my Oyster, waiting to be devoured.

March 28th, 1989 I discovered that the world can be a cruel place, my life was no longer my own as two became one bound together by laws of man and God. Thus began the downward spiral as I was thrust into the world of the collective drones. Oh, how I hated the world!

March 28th 1999 I give life for the second time and she’s beautiful. I would teach her about the world, not the one she was born into, but the one that only exists in fairy tales. I don’t want her to grow up, she will always be my baby girl, companion to her older sister.

March 28th, 2004 I planned my escape. I broke the laws of God and Man. I regain my life, two now become one! I fleed without contempt, I give no demands, leaving only with the lives I brought into this world, and I fall in love with the world again.

April 5th, 2010 Love found me again,  with every fibre of my being I resisted. But in the end my soul betrayed me, once again, one became two. This time not bound by any laws, but bound by respect, wisdom, and the understanding that love is precious, love is fragile. And though it’s sometimes callously shared…….It is painful. So we decided to live each day at a time because, in the midst of despair, there’s always humour………And we will laugh in the face of adversity and dance to the tunes of life.

To be continued………..

Pt. 2


10 comments on “My Life & Time- Writing101 Assignment No. 5: Let Social Media Inspire You

  1. […] if I was really keeping score, I’d say the past two years I’ve gone through quite a few struggles, trials, test if I can call them that.  At times things may have been falling apart, but I was […]


  2. […] July 26th 2010 We shared a great loss. A loss that brought us closer together, and one that will forever stay in our hearts. January 1st 2011 Warning! Warning! Rough seas ahead! I fought against the current, trying to keep the family unit a float as Puberty began to take its toll. *Sigh! And I thanked God for April 5th, because I then realised my soul had not betrayed me, but rather gave me what I would needed for my future battles. A pillar of strength, a shield, and the proverbial shoulder to cry on. March 28th 2012 we make wonderful plans for the future, plans that would soon be squashed by laws of the land. Laws rocked us to the very core, and once again proved how fragile love is, as we went into full flight or fight mood to battle against the laws of the land. March 28th 2013 Some battles are best left to be fought another day.  And so we planned our escape, I would be for the second time in my life, leaving my home this time venturing further than I ever had before. Yes…..there were bouts of uncertainty, nightmares of anxiety, and questions about  my sanity. But once the decision was made everything fell into place to make the move happen. April 1st 2014 a new life begins, and I fell in love with the world again; this new world a stepping  of Belgian sweets, Escargot,  Baguettes and Frangipane; a stepping stone before the final move. August 16th 2014 the last leg of  my journey.  Exhausted, with a hint of exhilaration, we begin to rebuild our lives as Alba greeted us with open arms; and be began to explore our this new land we decided to call home……Castles,myths, legends and folklore abound here, great inspiration for my writing and for adventurous young minds. April 3rd  2015  *Sigh! Falling into despair as another hurdle is set before us. I remind myself that disappointments are sent to prepare us for something greater than what we wish for ourselves; that God in his infinite power rarely, if ever makes a mistake. So I press on with the plan, living each day as it comes moving towards the common goal of the family unit……  To be continued……….. Pt. 1 […]


  3. WOW, What a creative way to write this.

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  4. susurrus says:

    That’s a creative way of responding to the prompt. I bet you wonder what’s next when 28th of March comes around!

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  5. Wow! Cant wait to read more!


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