Inspiration comes from so many sources. Music, other fiction, the non-fiction I read, TV shows, films, news reports, people I know, stories I hear, misheard words or lyrics, dreams…..Motivation? The memory of the rush that I get from a really good writing session-even on a bad day, I know I’ll find that again if I keep going. ~Trudi Canavan


What are your writing habits?
Jotting ideas in my notebook.
Writing first thing in the morning while my brain still thinks I’m a sleep, I get my best ideas after I’ve gone to be, and in my dreams.
Writing late at night when it’s more quiet; the world’s falling asleep then, and everyone is exhausted from the day’s event….work, play, school, story telling.
Listening to music while I write, my playlist of Hans Zimmer greatest hits, or the golden oldies usually do the trick.

What equipment or supplies do you use to write?
Note pad/pen/pencil

What do you need and want in a physical space?
Just a window, I need to know I’m not alone in the world.
A comfortable chair, I get no inspiration while standing because all I’m thinking about is when am I going to sit again.
An electrical outlet. You know, incase my battery runs down.
Internet connection, for  instant access to dictionary and thesaurus
And tea, lots of tea and those little tartlets or  Belgian chocolate. I’m allergic to chocolate, but it stimulates my senses. Or maybe it’s the allergic reaction, either way it gets me going.


Please leave comments below on what motivates you…….