Sowing Seeds!

The seed you plant today, will be the tree that gives you shade tomorrow. ~ West Indian Proverb

This was a popular saying of many old people in the town where I grew up. Never really appreciating the meaning myself, my grandmother took this to heart, she sowed seeds of faith, seeds of generosity, seeds of wisdom and knowledge. She was also constantly telling us (my brothers and I) that what she was doing wasn’t for herself, but rather for her children and grandchildren. This I NEVER understood, why would a woman who had so little give so much of herself to others, Often without reciprocation?

When I became an adult and had children of my own, without understanding the true meaning. I followed the same path…….Giving without expecting anything in return; many of my friends said I was encouraging laziness, that I was naive. But in actuality, nothing was given to anyone who didn’t need it. So my life of giving went on, until the time came when I could give no longer give the way I wanted to. This week with a little help from a few good people, I learned the meaning of “the seeds planted today, will be the tree that gives shade tomorrow!’ Life is a circle, what we send out eventual finds it way back to us, the kindness we show to others may not always return from the same hands, but rather from someone or somewhere else. We are all out brothers keepers, we all connected through humanity and acts of selflessness.

The seeds of kindness, favour,  and forgiveness I planted years ago, became the tree that give my family and I shade this past week!

© Etta D. Richards


Days of The Week…..


If you’re not in the right frame of mind, the days of the week can be dreadful. If you’re a 9-5er, they can sometimes be a nightmare because you often find yourself fighting in traffic to go to a job you don’t like. To work just as hard enough to prevent them from firing you.

Remember these?……..
Miserable Mondays, the first day after the weekend. *Sigh! You’re dragging yourself into work and dreaming about the past two days that were just a bit too short. Saturday and Sunday should really have more hours, shouldn’t they?
Terrible Tuesdays, where you’re almost back on track, but not quiet there!
Wicked Wednesdays, the middle of the week where everyone is thinking about the weekend and dragging along just to make it through the week. Why? Because it’s ‘Hump Day!’
Tough Thursdays, no different wicked Wednesday, in fact they could be cousins. It’s the day before the official start of the weekend…….”Have those papers on my desk before noon Friday,” Shouting kinda day!
Ohhh let’s not forget Freaky Friday, the day that turned from casual Fridays, to  I don’t give a sh#%, pardon my French, what I wear Fridays. The day when you can see the weekend just on the horizon, but still it’s beyond reach. The day when Happy Hour begins at noon, because hey! It’s 5pm somewhere in the world right?

Coming in October your week will never be the same as I reinvent these days and make them, if not more enjoyable, at least more bearable ………Keep watching my  blog for updates!

Affirming Your Day!

Behind every disappointment, there’s something better than you can imagine possible because faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Be confident that the tough times you’re going through won’t last, surround yourself with positive people. Faith comes from repetition of hearing, read something positive each day. Listen to at least 15 minutes of something positive every morning upon getting out of bed. Before falling off to sleeping at night, fill your mind with positive thoughts. Turn off outside noise and nourish your soul with positive affirmations.


Every memorable act in the world is a triumph of enthusiasm. Nothing great was ever achieved without it because it gives any challenge or any occupation, no matter how frightening or difficult, a new meaning. Without enthusiasm you are doomed to a life of mediocrity but with it you can accomplish miracles. ~Og Mandino

Hook’em with A Quote

While I enjoy reading quotes from others, I sometime make up my own.

West End Park, Clackmannanshire

“Life is Delicious, Life is Magic, Life simply is anything we want it to be in that moment at that time! Savour every bit of it with anticipation of more” ~ Etta D.