If you’re not in the right frame of mind, the days of the week can be dreadful. If you’re a 9-5er, they can sometimes be a nightmare because you often find yourself fighting in traffic to go to a job you don’t like. To work just as hard enough to prevent them from firing you.

Remember these?……..
Miserable Mondays, the first day after the weekend. *Sigh! You’re dragging yourself into work and dreaming about the past two days that were just a bit too short. Saturday and Sunday should really have more hours, shouldn’t they?
Terrible Tuesdays, where you’re almost back on track, but not quiet there!
Wicked Wednesdays, the middle of the week where everyone is thinking about the weekend and dragging along just to make it through the week. Why? Because it’s ‘Hump Day!’
Tough Thursdays, no different wicked Wednesday, in fact they could be cousins. It’s the day before the official start of the weekend…….”Have those papers on my desk before noon Friday,” Shouting kinda day!
Ohhh let’s not forget Freaky Friday, the day that turned from casual Fridays, to  I don’t give a sh#%, pardon my French, what I wear Fridays. The day when you can see the weekend just on the horizon, but still it’s beyond reach. The day when Happy Hour begins at noon, because hey! It’s 5pm somewhere in the world right?

Coming in October your week will never be the same as I reinvent these days and make them, if not more enjoyable, at least more bearable ………Keep watching my  blog for updates!