I’m a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend!
I’m a lover, an occasional victim of love,
and a believer in fate.
I’m a rare specimen, a singular being,
making me an unusual creature of habit;
On most days procrastinating the inevitable!
I’m one of six billion citizens of Planet Earth,
I’m a slave to my own creations (my kids);
Running full throttle on empty,
I’m a menace to myself and to society;
Not giving into the masses, condemning those that do,
following no rules, but creating for myself, a few.
I’m a dreamer, I’m a visionary, I am….. who I want to be,
and not who you perceive me to be!
I see the glass as half full, with anticipation of the rest,
Taking the bull by the horns, accepting what dreams may come;
embracing each day, and living it like it’s my last ONE!
Life comes at me hard, with its razor sharp teeth,
and thunderous fists of uncertainty………….!
Yet I remain, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend
a lover, an occasional victim of love, and a true believer in fate!!!!!

© Etta D. Richards.

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