Dear Life,

I honestly thought we were friends. I’ve often reflected on your lessons and had fallen in love with how earnest you were, and your confidence in me. Confidence which was so richly nurtured by your brother ‘Time.’ Or is it cousin? Don’t remember which, but know there’s close relation somewhere. You’ve given me some awesome childhood memories, the pains of first loves……….. but is it first if one came after the other? Hmmm…Anyways, let’s say painful love because I won’t call a high school crush ‘LOVE’ that would just be a waste. You’ve seen me through divorce, bereavement,  rocky relationships and moving house! Now that was a really rough ride, turtles make it looks so easy… But with all that said, things have been fairly good between. I thank you.

I thank you because through it all, you’ve given me a beautiful family, which is a lesson in itself. You gave me a great job, which allowed me to follow my life dream of taking up residence another country (will write soon about that later); a nice home, though it’s not my dream home, I’m confident that you’re still working on that one. There’s so much more I can thank you for. I really can’t complain, at times it’s been one hell-of-a-ride, and you know how much I HATE Roller Coasters, but hey! We good!

I love you! *pumps fist to chest. However! Though I embrace change, because as you taught me, change is good and more often than not, necessary. But just thought I’d toss a little reminder out there at you; I’m a mortal and we mortals tend to resist change, doesn’t matter how much we’ve embraced it in the past or how much we profess to LIKE it. Change kinda messes with our heads a bit. It takes time for us to adapt. At least for me to adapt! So when you go around changing the rules of the game or changing the game up altogether. That’s a big No-No for me!!

A few months ago you decided you were gonna toss me a Hot Potato, with that pitching arm of yours being the way it is, I wasn’t ready. So I got socked right between the eyes and I fell flat on my ass; luckily for me, I have some cushion down there, so the fall wasn’t too bad. With your brother/cousin’s help, I was able to pick myself up and move on; getting right back in the SWING of things, enjoying you the best I could, because I know you were gonna make up for slapping me with that potato. And you did, things were sweet between us again.

Then a few weeks ago, you tossed another potato at me, but see this time, I saw it coming and was able to slide out of its trajectory. But found out you had a bucket full just lined up waiting to be tossed, the faster I moved to avoid those missiles, the faster you tossed. Til finally I got confident in my pose and took a hit, this time smack in the gut. It took me down like a tranquillised elephant. Hell, even Time needed help getting me back to my feet, as I laid there in agony. Even now I can still feel the sting from that potato landing in my gut. But like I said……We good! You may have hit and knocked me down that week, but don’t forget who I am. I don’t stay down for long, you’ve always taught to pick myself up, dust myself off and come back stronger than before. Or have you forgotten that lesson?? But hey, I ain’t mad at ya. Coz, We good!

Look, I don’t fancy myself special and know I’m not the only person you’re hitting the hell out of with your Hot Potatoes. But I thought we were getting on so well together, finally getting our relationship to a point of mutual love and understanding. But it appears you were baiting me and sizing me up to get your licks in. Well, what can I say? you’ve taught me well. From now on I’ll keep my ear to the ground, my eyes on the prize. I’m ready to face any obstacles you decide to toss at me. Whether it’s a Hot Potato or Thistle Hedge. Oh about those Hedges, it’s not fair to increase the height while I’m mid-flight. Have you ever tried removing jeans filled with thorns? It ain’t easy, nor is it fun! But hey! We good!

Yours Sincerely,
Etta D.

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Life!!

  1. Teaching and telling Life of the things that it has taught and told.
    Maintaining good relationship with each other always pays.
    No ego has come in between.
    That’s a good practice one should develop.
    Good Post!
    Love to You.

    Liked by 1 person

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