My Life & Time Pt. 2

“In the midst of despair, there’s humour; laugh in the face of adversity and dance to the tunes of life.”
~ Etta D.

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Where is it that you find the strength to go on when life burns you out?

What gives you the drive to follow your dreams, no matter how ridiculous?

What gives you courage when all the doors are being closed in your face?

When others cannot see your dream, and everyone is telling you it’s impossible.

It’s a small thing called inspiration; it comes in many forms and is rooted within our universe;

when you become aware, that what you are doing has meaning, and substance.

You will gain the strength to move forward, move past the closed doors, move beyond all those who doubt your ability.

You become filled with vigour and determination to fulfil your life’s purpose.

Find your why, find your purpose and all else will fall into place……..

© Etta D. Richards

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