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When the Brain Cells are Fried…

a cooking pot and twisted tales

Out and aboutOut and about

At some pointor the other, we all experience some fatigue from writing and we need those little breaks to reflect, rejuvenate and calibrate.

As a mother with school age kids and a full daily to-do list, some days can be more daunting than the others, but I have learnt over time, to fit in some little pick me ups which helps to maintain my sanity and refresh my writing juice.

Here are some of the things that I get up to:

Sleeping it offwhen the luxury to indulge in a power snooze presents itself. Those power snoozes does wonders for the thinking cells of a writing she or he.

Murk about in nature. A jaunt around the park, in a garden, by the sea side, in the wilds or any nature that can be found around. The nature is such a natural healer that…

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