Writing 101 Day 11: Writing and not writing…

What do you do when your not writing? Work! Now that I have a day job 😉 Other than that, I’m doing chores around the house, walking the dog, volunteering in my women’s group or sometimes just looking for inspiration for my Poetry. This is done either in the part or walking around town

How do you reset and return to the dashboard? Not sure there’s a need for resetting. But at times when I get writer’s block, I read more book or re-read ones I’ve read years ago.

What do you need in your day to day life in order to maintain balance? Have lots and lots of Tea, solitude, great weather that allows me to go out without gettin trenched. On days off I have a set schedule I don’t like to break, but if I don’t have a choice I just wing it and whatever comes I take it in stride. After tomorrow is another day that’s gifted to a few. So I’m grateful for each day I have to start over and reclaim my balance.


Always great to hear from you....

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