Blogging 101: Assignment 15-Create a New Posting Feature


How long do you have to be at something to NOT be called a novice. Well I’ve been on here now for a few weeks, so I guess can no longer be classified as such, in trying to find new and hopefully interesting topics. In my post days of the week in which I announced an upcoming feature to be added to my blog.  Since this feature has already been in the works, thought I’d incorporate it into  assignment 15, I’m posting here details.   Hope my upcoming feature will help you get get over those Miserable Mondays,  Terrible Tuesday, Wicked Wednesdays, Tough Thursdays and Freaky Fridays.

Meaningful Mondays: Blogs that will wean you off the weekend and help kick-start your week, by helping  keep to motivated.
Terrific Tuesday: One word! Inspiration, inspiration and more inspiration. Quotes, photos and stories to inspire!
Wellness Wednesday: Will be featuring health tips to not only get you over the hump, but keep you going til the weekend.
Thankful Thursdays: Will be dedicated to fellow bloggers, and I’ll be searching for ‘reblog’ worthy posts and articles.
Feel Good Friday: Am I the only person who feels that Friday should be apart of the weekend? Well then, let’s glide into the weekend by telling everyone what you’ve been grateful for the past week.


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