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WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there! — September 29, 2015

WordPress Bloggers Beware! There is a bad site out there!

Michael Rios

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up, so share this one like no other. A person liked one of my posts, so I visited their site until my Google Crome Crashed. I made a video for all to see so that you will know what will happen if you visit this site.

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Watch out for these Facebook privacy hoaxes! —

Watch out for these Facebook privacy hoaxes!


“As of September 28th , 2015 at 10:50p.m. Eastern standard time, I do not give Facebook or any entities associated with Facebook permission to use my pictures, information, or posts, both past and future. By this statement, I give notice to Facebook it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents. The content of this profile is private and confidential information. The violation of privacy can be punished by law (UCC 1-308- 1 1 308-103 and the Rome Statute). NOTE: Facebook is now a public entity. All members must post a note like this. If you prefer, you can copy and paste this version. If you do not publish a statement at least once it will be tactically allowing the use of your photos, as well as the information contained in the profile status updates.”

I’ve seen so many people on my friend’s list post this over the past 24 hours, perpetuated even more this morning with yesterday’s crash, when Facebook was inaccessible for about an hour or so to many of it’s users. Me being one of them, who at the time was in a deep humorous debate with my sister back home over dogs vs. cats.

But being the skeptic that I am, I went out in search of the truth; and found out that this is one of several hoaxes that had  resurfaced over the past month or so. It sparked my curiosity as to why so many seemingly intelligent persons would commit to a post without first verifying if it was indeed true. Which beg me to ask the question. Are people really interested in the truth? In my opinion, when something is too good to be true, it usually isn’t! As well as, if something is too bad to be true, it usually isn’t either! But there are many out there who take things at face value, ESPECIALLY if it’s on the internet. Because, if it’s on the internet it has to be true! Right?

The Soul On Paper! —

The Soul On Paper!

Open Book with WisteriaPity Parties can sometimes get your creative juices flowing, somewhere between feeling sorry for yourself and reflections on the past creativity is born as your soul pours itself onto paper. Written between selfish madness and thinking about the way forward.

The Arrow…….
Faded in discord;
Spirit broken;
Cast out;
Like the spine of a book newly released from its press
I remained unbowed, unbent, unbroken…..

Through each painful moment of my life,
I remained unbowed, unbent, unbroken….

With wounded spirit, on bended knees,
I remained, unbowed, unbent, unbroken….

© Etta D. Richards

Today’s Inspiration! —

Today’s Inspiration!

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