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Reflecting: 12 Thought Provoking Questions

Sunset on Loch Lomond
Sunset on Loch Lomond

During the evening hours, when I’m winding down and turning off all the outside noise I tend to reflect on the events of my day.

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Optimism vs Pragmatism


I’m sure everyone at some point in their lives have been told to either “Be Optimistic” or “Look at the brighter side” or something of that sort. And truth is, we probably needed that advice at that point in time. Even otherwise, most people assume that optimism is the way to go and anyone who shows even the slightest signs of negativity is branded a pessimist. This is part of a larger problem that humanity possesses in seeing everything as black-or-white. It’s either this or that. Like there’s no midway.

Also, as you probably know, an over-dose of anything can be lethal. And the same goes for optimism too. In fact, if you imagine a startup company that is run by all optimistic people, I can pretty much guarantee that they’re gonna run into some nasty roadblocks or surprises along the way. How do you balance then?…

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Feeling is Believing Pt. 3

“Faith is the flame that eliminates fear, and faith is the emperor of dreams” ~Suzy Kassem

Part 1

Part 2

Atheist, Theist, or Agnostic. God, Karma, The Universal Laws. Even if you don’t believe in GOD, you have to believe in something, to believe in nothing is to have no belief in yourself.  This was not meant to be a lesson in any form of Religion, but rather a lesson in Consciousness, a lesson in Self and Self worth. To value oneself you must first awaken your consciousness, and rely on your own thoughts instead of those of others.

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5 minutes of inspiration

Great post on …………Finding Your Inspiration!

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