The Measure Of Success!

Success is not a privilege reserved for a selected few; success belongs to YOU! But success is never handed out, it’s something that has to be nurtured from the inside. When you succeed on the inside, by taking on the thoughts and actions of a successful person, the results will show on the outside. Success is NOT always measured by monetary value, its measured by achieving the goals you have set forth for yourself.

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Fire & Ice

I think this is something all writers can identify with.

The Renegade Press

‘No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.’


I often have days where I contemplate giving up. They’re the kind of days where I sit down at my computer to write and think to myself why the hell am I doing this? I’m twenty six years of age and I’ve never had a career, I’ve never finished any of the multiple university degrees that I’ve started, and despite having served more than a decade in the workforce I don’t really have anything of substance to my name. I really struggle when those moments arrive. I sit at my computer for hours and stare blankly at a screen clouded by my own insecurities and self-doubt wondering why I don’t just give up and become happy like everyone else. I want to be a writer; I am a goddamn writer. But in those moments I question whether I have what…

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