I’m constantly surrounded by beauty.
Beauty perfectly present by nature,
and those so intricately designed others;
as they weave their enchanted words to paper,
cast their imagination on canvas,
and mould their thoughts into wondrous sculptures .

But what lends to this creativity?
Is it to empty themselves of sadness?
Is it to hold claim to the serenity of their euphoria?
or to merely inspire the creative genius in others?
motivating the senses into relinquishing its all;
Its everything to the hungry world;
The world that hungers for happiness,
Peace, love, joy…………….

In neurotic fashion I mean to appease the masses,
by enchanting them with words relinquished from,
deep within the cavity of my imagination;
I mean to mould my thoughts into fanciful,
poetry, and stories of delightful humour;
You see in my empathy, it’s impossible
to bring happiness to my uncompromising heart;
So it’s only dutiful that I release it upon others.

© Etta D. Richards

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