After spending 4 months in 7 countries I realized that today was the day when the dream I had been living in for 12 weeks had come to an end. After a time of pure freedom, amazing moments, meeting great people and just doing nothing I sadly found myself sitting in the plane back to Germany.

The best time of my life, I had been so excited about for months and working towards, was over now. Goodbye green palm trees, blue sea, loose clothing and fresh coconuts at the beach. No daily adventures and new exciting experiences any more.

Coming back home is the hardest thing about travelling

Well tanned and with swollen eyes (yes, I had shed some tears) I arrived in Germany: 10 degrees and rain. Welcome back! It was only April though. Actually that’s a pretty bad month to come back since it’s still dark, cold and grey. Better plan your return in May or even better in the middle of summer to avoid the nasty weather completely. The reintegration into your home is way easier and the difference to where you’re coming from is not that huge.

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  1. I love this post! I love to travel and small trips every now and then and long trips once a year or once in 2 years. Of course the fact that I’m a mother and have a son who joins me means that my trips are made only during a certain time of the year and for a certain period of time. Coming back home to routine used to always be a sad thought but we would always start planning our next trip as soon as we are back….and the hope and excitement for that next trip keeps us going! 🙂

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