If you think about it, as we spend our days, as we live our lives, we meet people, make acquaintances, make friends. Some of these people stay with us for only a short period of time while others are around us for longer periods of time, but there is one person – and one person only – that you get to spend every single minute of your life with. And that one person is YOU. Wherever you go, you take yourself with you. So the idea of today: you might as well get to know yourself.

We all know the ancient Greek aphorism, “Know thyself.” This is actually a very clear and definite call to action directed at the becoming yogi on the path. Get to know yourself! How well do you know yourself? How much time do you actually spend with yourself? Going within, connecting with yourself, with your Higher Self, looking at your lower self, pondering why you actually have a higher self and lower self and wondering why you have a third self, the divine self? We spend so much time, most of our time, looking outside of self. Go within and get to know yourself. At the end of the day, this is what life is about because as we get to know ourselves, we get to know everything. We get to know our Divine Creator, we get to know the universe, we get to know one another. Why? Because the miniverse is a mini version of the omniverse. In intuitive philosophy we call this the Law of Correspondence, or the Law of Analogy. The part can get to know the whole by getting to know itself.

So here is a powerful idea: How about you make it a focus over the next seven days to get to know yourself. Instead of watching TV at night, turn on the inner TV. Instead of watching a movie „on the outside“, go within and watch the movie of your own life within. The best movie, the best story out there is nothing compared to your own story and your own movie. Watch that movie. In other words, look at your life. Give yourself a week, and for the next seven days, sit down every night and think about yourself, about your life, about your birth which began this special day in the life of your Soul. What we call our life is really just one day in the life of the Soul. Think about who you are and realize how on the one hand the body, the matter aspect, grows in size and in age but how on the other hand there is also a consciousness aspect, the conscious thinking I which is the Soul’s reflection anchored in the brain, and then meditate on this conscious thinking I and how it keeps changing and evolving as you live your life; and then ask yourself what it is evolving into and who this Mr. or Mrs. Someone actually is who is living your life. Meditate on what you see. Ask questions.

We are all so busy living on the outside. But the outside is just an outpicturing of the inside. The outer world is just an appearance of the inner reality. The real life is within. We are not our bodies, we are the “invisible” – invisible to the physical eye – dweller inside the body. Get to know this dweller. Once you embark upon this inner journey of getting to know yourself, I promise you, it will be the greatest adventure of your life! Getting to know yourself is totally exciting because it is the greatest story ever told.

So if you are ready to initiate some growth: please give yourself seven nights. Have seven dates with yourself this week and get to know yourself. Will you join me? I knew you would sayyes so let me know how it goes.

Please think about it. I hope I could be of service to you. Please remember to make a commitment to become an Integrated Enlightened Master and Yogi because it is your evolutionary goal.

By Gloria Excelsias|

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