The Victim and The Victor

The prefix vict come from the Latin Root word meaning to conquer. However, there are two words which share this prefix: victor which means to conquer and the victim which means to be conquered. Two words that are similar in origin but polar in meaning.

“The best way to overcome undesirable or negative thoughts and feelings is to cultivate the positive ones.”

 ~William Atkinson

There’s often references made about people with a victim mentality. A state of mind characterized by a the feeling of helplessness, and powerless to change their situations. Their perceived powerless, their inability of having control of their situation couldn’t possibly be THEIR fault. They’re not responsible for anything that happens to them. It has to be the fault of someone else. Mentally they play the blame game. Actively searching for reasons as to why they are in their current state. They blame it on gender, their socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, appearance, and my favourite, race. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve played the “Race Card” more than once, it felt great at the time, but once I became enlightened……….. Once I traded one for the other, let’s just say, sometimes our behaviour is even more shocking to us than to anyone else.

Victims use all these excuses justify their lives, and their lack of progress.
‘Victimhood!’ Works exactly how the victim thinks it does. It holds them back. It prevents them from making any progress whatsoever. And in so many cases, it’s the belief in the victimization itself and not the perceived victimizers that binds them, this is their strong hold, this keeps them in the nucleus of security. As long as they have others to blame for their current state, they’re comfortable remaining in that position.

Victimhood is the extreme opposite of victory.

The victim is the conquered so it’s not surprising that they don’t share many traits with the victors. In the mind of the victor, blame is replaced by ownership and responsibility for their situation. Instead of spending their energy looking for someone or something to blame, or finding reasons why they haven’t progressed. The victor takes responsibility for their situation and spends that energy searching for how to change a situation. They don’t look for excuses; they look for ways to take action. Plain and simple!

The saddest part of victimhood is when you look at how the victim sees life. They perceive it as a losing game, a source of oppression, as if everyone is out to get them. Happiness and contentment will forever escape them. It’s true, no one can be happy and contented all the time. But with such a continuous negative outlook on life, neither happiness nor contentment can be achieved.

But tragically, whether a victim or victor, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. It’s the Law of Attraction in action. We attract what occupies our mind, if you constantly think defeat and injustice; blaming others for your situation, you will attract much of the same. Any setback for a victim who attempts to move forward is seen as a final defeat. They throw in the towel and cry defeat!
On the other hand, the person who focus on the positive and proactive, attracts more positivity and action. Even when they fail, they don’t look for blame, they look for the lesson to learn and they get back up and go at it again. These are the people who end up being victorious and gaining a lot more than they lost.

You can decide for yourself! You can be a VICTOR or you can be a VICTIM! The choice is  entirely up to you.


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