Feeling is Believing Pt. 3

“Faith is the flame that eliminates fear, and faith is the emperor of dreams” ~Suzy Kassem

Part 1

Part 2

Atheist, Theist, or Agnostic. God, Karma, The Universal Laws. Even if you don’t believe in GOD, you have to believe in something, to believe in nothing is to have no belief in yourself.  This was not meant to be a lesson in any form of Religion, but rather a lesson in Consciousness, a lesson in Self and Self worth. To value oneself you must first awaken your consciousness, and rely on your own thoughts instead of those of others.

For me, the road was long………This is not something that will happen overnight, nor is it something that will happen at the drop of a hat. First, you must want that change in your life, and then you must be determined to make that change happen. A change can be as simple as taking a new route to work, choosing brown shoes instead of black! Life is simple, how we live our lives is what sometimes makes it difficult.

Somethings that may help you along the way…………

PRAYER and MEDITATION- Some say they’re different, but I beg to differ; because in both practices we find that stillness within ourselves that allows us to remove our focus away from what we don’t have and focus on what we do have. It brings calm in the midst of Chaos. In theism, this offers direct communication with God. Allowing for the opportunity to express your feelings about the problems in the present, to seek guidance, and strength to deal with those problems. Others simply see it as a form of de-stressing, clearing the mind and connecting with our inner being.  For me, the only difference between the two is that prayer is speaking to God, and meditation is listening to God.

SEEK MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION- I find listening to music, reading or even watching a lecture on youtube works for me. A few of my favourite lectors are Bob Proctor, Joel Osteen, Les Brown, Eckart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Allan Watts, Napoleon Hill… But there are so many others out there to choose from, find those that speak and where you find that connection. Then create your playlist for each. I run my playlist a few minutes each morning and at night before going to bed. If I’m not doing that, I’m reading or journaling. I try to do as much as I can to centre myself and clear my mind from all the negative vibes I may have picked up during the day……..

POSITIVE PEOPLE- It’s quite ok to release people who no longer serve a purpose in your life. Again I’m not speaking about USING people, but people come in and out of our lives for a reason, many are there to either teach you a lesson or as a blessing. Know the difference and KNOW when to cut loose! You are the only person responsible for your happiness, keep people around you who will foster that happiness and encourage you along your road to success. Remove yourself from any and all situation that does not lift your spirit.

Last but not least……….JUST BELIEVE-Have faith. Believe that your situation will get better! Belief is something I highly revere; it doesn’t matter how hard life gets or hard I fall, I get up stronger than I was before with a  belief that things will be better. I believe in MYSELF even when no one else does.

© Etta D. Richards


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