Flipping Your Weekdays…

I’m always trying different stuff on my blog, just to see what really clicks with my followers. However, I’ve fallen behind in posting this new blog feature, which I originally said would start in October. I’ve been so bogged down with a lot of personal stuff the past few weeks, that it’s been difficult to squeeze anything else in edgewise that’s no already been previously “Scheduled” for posting. But decided  it’s something I really wanted to do, so will find that tiny space to squeeze it in edgewise.

I’m flipping the days of the week with:

Meaningful Mondays– Sharing blogs to wane you off the weekend and motivation to kick start  the week ahead.

Terrific Tuesdays- You’ve made it through Monday, but don’t celebrate just yet. You still have a few more days to go! Keep an eye out to find out what’s so terrific about Tuesdays.

Wellness Wednesdays- Getting over the ‘Hump’ and getting your Mind, Body and Soul on the right track. Remember the mind is the most powerful weapon that can be used in keeping the entire body in harmony.

Thankful  Thursdays -Take out those Gratitude Journals, if you don’t have one, maybe it’s time to start.

This will be the kick off of my new blog feature.

First up, since it is actually Friday, is ‘Feel Good Friday‘ where each month an artist will be featured, first with a brief bio & Video, followed by music videos each Friday being posted featuring one of their hit songs. If there’s a specific artist you’d like see featured at any given time, or a particular song from an artist already being featured please leave your request in the comment section.

I know! You have youtube, iPods, the radio( do people still listen to the radio?), but if you’re following my blog, it will also give you a chance to listen to some of my favourites!

© Etta D. Richards


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