Nov 7 2015

11 thoughts on “Today’s Inspiration………….

  1. I went to my regular line dancing session this morning , spent the afternoon taking care of things on the computer, and tonight went to a “Just Because” party and visited with a lot of friends and ate some delicious food. (Just Because …party given just because you want one.)

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    1. You sure did have a full day, and that’s what life is all about. Living each day to it’s fullest………..I love the idea of having a ‘just because’ party. Sounds like FUN!!


    1. I got the opportunity to do laundry, this after a week of having a broken washing machine….lol! So now I’m thankful for a working washing machine. I also got the opportunity to chat with my sister back home 😉

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      1. You never missed a washing machine until it’s gone. And the area where I’m living doesn’t have a launderette. Instead they have services where someone collects your laundry, washes it, then returns it.
        Not being used to that, I prefer doing my own wash. 😉

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