Meaningful Monday!

I hated Mondays with a passion, and who doesn’t? It got to a point where I was physically ill. Headaches, nausea, the works! Not having to wake up at the break of dawn, join the rat race in traffic, and however short, spending an overall relaxing weekend with my family was BLISS. And cutting all that short was MONDAY! The day that ended my my blissful weekend, the day that took me back to a job that wasn’t gratifying.


In the past it was easy for me to just move on once I got bored in my career choice. But now I had responsibilities that made it more difficult me for just walk away from any job; especially this one because it offered me not only financial security, but also excellent benefits, and opportunities for personal growth. I was trapped into the system, lock stock and two smoking barrels. My entire life was identified by a desk, a computer and a pay check at the end of the month; it was NOT Mondays I hated, it was making someone else’s dream come true instead of my own!

Once I identified what MY real problem was. I learned to embrace Mondays with gratitude because at the end of the day I knew my present position was just a stepping stone in my life’s journey to something greater. My life! it had more meaning than a desk, a computer, and pay check at the end of the month. And Monday? It simply meant the weekend was just four days way.



5 thoughts on “Meaningful Monday!

  1. This post fills me with joy. Indeed, we have the power to change the things we can’t accept. I made the scary decision to leave my job which I’d grown to hate and become self employed. Sunday night used to be filled with dread. Not any more. Monday is now my favorite day. Your post reminded me to be grateful for this. Thank you. Hope you had a great day 🙂

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    1. Thanks for stopping by, and congratulations on finding your dream, it feels good to wake each morning knowing you will be engrossed in something your LOVE.


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