Feel Good Friday



It’s Friday! And the weekend is just around the corner…..It’s  easy to feel great today, right? Hello relaxation, one more sleep before sleeping in, enjoying the lethargic breakfast, and no racing our the door for  work…… Okay, so you’ve got children and your weekend doesn’t look quite like that. But either way you can groove into the weekend with our recording artist of the month Tina Turner on this ‘Feel Good Friday.’

Despite being a successful musical duo, by the mid-1970s, Tina and Ike’s marriage was in shambles. In 1976, the couple separated both personally and professionally, and in 1978, they were officially divorced, with Tina citing Ike’s physically abusive behaviour, frequent infidelities and increasing drug and alcohol use. In the years following her divorce, Tina’s solo career got off to a slow a slow start.

According to Tina, when she left Ike, she had “36 cents and a gas station credit card.” To make ends meet and to care for her children, she used food stamps and even worked cleaning houses. But she also continued to perform, only in lower-profile venues, and made guest appearances on other artists’ records, though without achieving any notable success.


© Etta D. Richards


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