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Couldn’t have written it better myself. Great post!

Adele: Hello

This is probably one of the hottest songs out there right. No! This is THE hottest song out there, I love Adele and she’s at it again with another hit; and this rendition is up there on  my playlist.



Feel Good Friday



Here we are, the final Friday of November 2015. Hope all those who celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday had a wonderful time with family and friends. Today is Black Friday in the US, which means shopping, shopping, shopping! For everyone else, it’s business as usual – jumping into the daily grind of work. But whether you’re running between stores taking advantage of all the Black Friday Sales; at work day dreaming about the weekend, or simply shooting the breeze, here’s the final instalment for this artist of the month. Keep an eye out for next week, when we select a new artist of the month.

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