Terrific Tuesday…..


Live more mindfully , write a new chapter in your life , reclaim your wholeness and feel reverence in your heart , for by planting these seeds you will create a beautiful garden that will bear fruit to sustain your soul and nourish your spirit for eternity.

~Micheal Teal

As little children our parents won’t let us be ourselves, they choose the foods we eat-often only the healthy ones, and they try to keep us as germ free as possible. Graduating from under the wings of our parents, we have teachers to carry on with trying to forge our individuality. Following into our teen age years we have our peers pressuring us into submission, then finally society steps in with it’s own sets of rules and regulations. It seems that from the time we draw our first breath to that of our last, one way or another our freedom is constantly being restricted.


The whole problem with this is, if you are not strong enough to step away from the crowd there’s a good chance you will NEVER know what it’s like to be YOURSELF! Yes I know rules are set for a reason, parents, teachers and society all impose rules for our protection; if no one is there to tell us what to do and what not to do, the world would be in chaos. True! But even with all the restrictions the world is still in chaos isn’t it?

When boundaries and resistance both melt , the problem comes to an end. To be in unity, you cannot have limitations to mind, body or spirit. To be really free, there is no option except to be yourself in wholeness. By being yourself you open the door to what is, the never-ending play of intelligence in human form.

Have a Terrific Tuesday!!!



© Etta D. Richards

Adapted from How To Know God, by Deepak Chopra

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