3 Fantastic Freedoms of Living a Debt-Free Life

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Dream Big, Dream Often

debt-clipart-debt-clipartThere are 4 Pillars of Successful Living that I espouse: live a healthy life, live a debt-free life, live a goal-oriented life and live a charitable life.  The one I think every American struggles with is debt-free living.  Our society seems to believe that one cannot exist without accumulating lots of stuff and using credit to buy said stuff.  To say our people are materialistic is a gross understatement.

The latest information I read about credit card debt has the average household credit card debt at $7,327.  If you average the homes that are indebted, meaning those with credit card debt, the average over doubles to $15,706.  Paying the minimum payment will take approximately 24 years to pay off $15,000 with the total amount paid equaling close to $27,000!!!

For these reasons I advise everyone to cut up their cards immediately and begin an aggressive payoff strategy.

There are…

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Dream Big, Dream Often

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I worked my way through my previous comment thread so I thought it was time to begin anew.  Reblogging serves many purposes like sharing, networking or to reinforce your original content.

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