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Human behaviour isn’t easy to understand. We are complex. If we were just complex, understanding a human wouldn’t have been that difficult. Rocket science is complex, but we do understand it. But we are, not only complex, but we are also ‘quaint’. Understand one rocket & you can understand all of them, but we can’t say the same for humans. Can we?

A person is different at different stages of life.


After all, we play different roles at different times.

Have you ever conflicted yourself? You say you want to move forward, but you are struck in the past. You say, you want that promotion but you don’t find yourself working for it? If yes, then do read the blog.


We can’t understand others, okay. . But the trouble is, most of the people can’t understand themselves too. Not completely.

The way I see it : –
A. There’s always…

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