A Negative Mind Is a Choice and Will Rarely, If Ever, Produce Success

“Being a more positive thinker does not mean that I smile at funerals. It does not mean that I turn the other cheek. It doesn’t mean that I am happy all day and all night. It doesn’t mean I don’t get mad. It doesn’t mean I don’t cry. I am not turning cartwheels as the world crumbles around me. I do not wear rose colored glasses.” ~Daniel Ray


Dream Big, Dream Often

Warning, semi-rant ahead:

I was reading tonight as I allowed a show to play in the background. Sometimes having something else going on as I read allows my brain to kick into hyper-drive.  Reading tonight reminded me of my mindset from not so long ago.

I was once a negative thinker.  I now see that it was partially caused by dealing with the general public while working retail.  I once said that working retail made me hate people, but the truth is people made me hate people.  I am getting off course early here so I will self-correct…

My point is that I was a negative person.  I still have tendencies, but I am much brighter now and happier than I was when I allowed myself to be negative.  People suck, life is hell, I hate my job…and then you die.  That was the gist of the note that…

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