Wellness Wednesday




“Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky. Conscious breathing is my anchor.”
~Thích Nhất Hạnh


Imagine if there was a control panel for your life…You just log in and by tweaking the settings in this program, you can make changes to your life.

Imagine, you wished you drank more water, get more exercise, have a healthier life style so you just log into the health settings and make the change there.Or if you wished you were more motivated to do work, you just log into the motivation settings and set your work  motivation to a higher level.


Ok, there’s a reason why I’m mentioning all this, and I know it probably sounds too incredible to be believed, but there IS a control panel for your mind.

Have you ever felt yourself falling down that slippery slope into anxiety, anger or fear? We all have. At first, you may panic, but then at some point your rational mind steps in and reminds you to take a deep breath.

There is a reason that taking in air and holding it for some time, then releasing is an effective stress-management tool. From the time we come into the world, one of our biggest moments is the “breath of life”—that first dramatic inhale that for most infants kicks off a howling crying. From that moment we use our breath to take in food and bring attention to discomfort in our bodies.

The observance of life force moving in us creates certain effects on the brain. This in turn sends more appropriate messages to our body, impacting our actions, re-actions and overall presence of mind.   So the next time you’re feeling stressed or over exerted………..Just breathe!


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