Meaningful Monday


Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses.  ~Proverb

I’m going to blunt and to the point. I dislike whinny people. When I’m around someone who is chronically whining, and complaining, it’s difficult for me to sit and be quiet I. I’m fully aware that If we’re not conscious of it, we can take on the energy of those people. Both the consciousness and the taking on of the energy is our responsibility; no one can “take” your energy unless you’re giving them access.

If only all the whiners and complainers could imagine the incredibly powerful, productive moments, minutes and hours of the days and weeks of their lives that they have nothing to complain about . I doubt that we could accurately calculate the amount of additional productive time each of us would have in one year if, for that year, we turned every moment of complaint into a moment of choice to do something better instead.


Imagine what you could do at work, whether you work for ourselves or someone else, with your families and in your personal lives if you made the choice to replace complaining with positive belief. Imagine what you could do with those extra moments and hours of your life if you made the choice, right now, to never complain – and at every opportunity from here on out to replace even the most minor complaint with the positive energy of your own potential.

Could you still be a strong person, a person of conviction and opinion? Would you still do everything you need to do to make change in your life, or to deal in a clear and effective way with the obstacles and problems that come along? The answer is that you would be more effective, as you would be concentrating on positive actions to improve situations. In other words, stop whining and start doing! Do something to improve the situation you’re complaining about.

~ Have a Meaningful Monday…..



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