Great read, especially if you’re thinking about job hopping 😉


Thanks to Mabel‘s comment and from it, I drew inspiration for this post. Below is an extraction from one of her comment:
“Working in many industries we go gain a wide-set of skills and we might find what we love doing. On the other hand, some might see this sort of person as being “floaty” or flaky, flitting from one job to another and that it will be hard to invest in things like property and shares later on.”

So is job hopping bad? I always believe that there both sides to a coin, nothing is truly bad if you do it with a little bit more thought and in moderation. If you job hop every 3 to 6 months and hop around without a purpose in mind, with various reasons of just because but not limited to:

woman-72111_640– My pay is too low
– I hate my colleagues

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