“A smart man makes a mistake, learns from it, and never makes that mistake again. But a wise man finds a smart man and learns from him how to avoid the mistake altogether.”  ~Roy H. Williams


What makes an individual smart? Is it the abundance of facts that we can memorise? Is it the above average IQ, or the wisdom to make a sound decision at crucial moments? Maybe it’s knowing how to make the best out of the bad situation, as I’ve done so many times. Maybe, just maybe it’s combination of all the previously mentioned.

Life’s a learning process and a work in progress. What makes a person really smart is learning from their past mistakes and the mistakes of those around them. It’s not rocket science! Though some lessons took me some time to learn-Throughout the years, I’ve been blessed to have mentors, family, friends and books, yes books! That taught me about life. But is I had to learn these lessons by myself, it probably would’ve taken me my lifetime; and while we may learn thing more quickly from others. We often forget them just as quickly. Which means we have to stay on top of things by constantly reminding ourselves of the things that we’ve learned……….

12 Things to remind yourself of daily!

1. Struggle Is Good
Never say “I can’t take it anymore.” Say “I gat this……Bring it on!”

2. STOP Complaining
Complaining is the biggest waste of time there is. Either do something about it, and if you can’t, shut up about it.

3. Spend Time With People You Love
That’s your family and best friends. If you don’t have a family, create one. Most people in life are only visitors. Family is for life.

4. Exercise Daily
I didn’t get this until recently. A healthy body is where you have to start everything in life. If you can’t build a healthy and strong body, what CAN you build in life? I’m not talking about sweating it out in the gym for 2-3 hours. If that’s your thing, great. Bin there done that. But now I just enjoy a sprint on the part or  Tai Chi (look around your area for classes or just hit up youtube).
5. Be Grateful
I know I beat this to death. But grateful makes everything better! Say ‘thank you’ to everyone and for everything. “Thank you for this beautiful day.” “Thank you for your email.” “Thank you for being there for me.”


6. Don’t Bothered About What People Think
Trust me on this one. We all die in the end, do you really think it matters what people think of you?


7. Take More Risks
Jump and grown your wings on the way down.

8. Pick An Industry, Not A Job
If you want to become good at something, you need to spend years and years doing that. You can’t do that if you hop from industry to industry. Pick an industry you love and start at the bottom. You will eventually find the perfect role for you.

9. Lead The Way
When you find yourself in a situation where everyone looks at each other, it’s time for you to lead. You‘re a leader when you decide to become one. There’s no initiation or a title. Just a decision.


10. Learn Every Day
You’ve got to train your brain to stay alert. You don’t have to read a book a day to learn every day. Learn from your mistakes. Learn from the people around you — be open to what they can teach you.


11. Money Isn’t Important
It really isn’t, it’s necessary for living. But you have to also train yourself not to care about money so much. Don’t become too dependent on the stuff you own — otherwise, they will own you.

12. Be Nice
I don’t mean you should be a pushover. You can be someone that doesn’t take shit and be nice about it. Just don’t insult people, think you’re better than them, or act like an idiot.


~ Have a Meaningful Monday!!