“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”     ~Jim Rohn

Now I know what an overly inflated ball with marbles in it feels like. A part from the normal childhood diseases of chickenpox or common cold I rarely get sick, in fact I can probably count the times I’ve been ill-but since starting work again. I’ve going, going and not really paying attention to all the warning signs I suppose. We all need a fresh start; and so does our body! When you nourish it properly, it gives back to you in the form of energy, good health and positive outlook.

When you don’t it fights back and forces you to slow down!

Take a few tiny steps forward every single day. Whatever it is you need to achieve in life, take everything in stride, one small step at a time instead of gigantic ones that wears you down, leaving you gasping for air. Don’t build mountains in your mind. Don’t try to conquer the world all at once. When you seek instant gratification you make life unnecessarily painful and frustrating. When you choose instead to treat each moment as an opportunity to make a small, positive, investment in the present moment, the rewards come naturally without much effort or exhaustion. Remember you are responsible for you own health and well being.




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