“So many people will tell you ”no”, and you need to find something you believe in so hard that you just smile and tell them ”watch me”. Learn to take rejection as motivation to prove people wrong. Be unstoppable. Refuse to give up, no matter what. It’s the best skill you can ever learn.”   ~Charlotte Eriksson


Some people, wanting to justify their own mediocrity, would say that a successful people is due to some God-given talent. Or that a successful person was born into fortune and has the resources necessary to amass wealth and establish a successful business. While this may be true for some, it’s not for many. Success comes with a dream, a plan and determination.

It certainly does help to have access to resources, this alone will not get you there. You must have a yearning for what your want, a yearning the cuts through the darkest nights of repeated challenges and setbacks along the way. Those who were not born into wealth, but who posses that burning desire to pursue their goals will succeed.

That inner burning of your fire is what’s going to get you out of bed each morning and strive to reach your daily goals. One way to keep the fire burning intensely, is to regularly engage yourself in the pursuit of those goals; create your own Mission without being distracted by people or things that are not on your path to success. Take your good intentions and pair them with the reciprocative actions and start doing, rather than simply thinking.


~ Stay focus and have a Terrific Tuesday

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