One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.    ~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

In my 11 Random Facts about me listed in my Liebster Award post, I stated that I still have friends I’ve had since Primary School. I’ve written about friendships before, it’s always great to have a few reminders now and then. So here goes.

True friendships are ones that have no limitations or restrictions, and these are the ones often last forever.

Embrace each other’s flaws. – This not only goes for romantic relationships, but also friendships. We’re attracted to the most perfect aspect in others, but in the long run this isn’t what builds the friendship. Accepting each other’s faults is what builds it, looking at that flaw and saying-I can accept this. Remember the other person also accepting your flaws and is still willing to remain friends.

Give them a chance, and another, and another. – This doesn’t mean forgiving over and over someone who’s taking advantage of you. There’s give and take in a Friendship, and a true friend will never take more than they give. You have to recognise this.

Expect there to be some bumps. – I’ve called my friends idiots, when they were at the time being an idiot 😉  When faced with a disagreement in any relationship, our first instinct is often to sever ties rather than to maintain commitment. Speak your mind and move on. If one or both can’t get over the bump. Then maybe it is best to sever those ties. But never hold onto someone to abuse then with “I told you so.” Or to use as a centre of gossip.

Don’t let others decide what is right for your friendship. – Nope my friend is not better than yours! Just because you each have friends outside of your circle, doesn’t minimise you’re friendship with that person. It also doesn’t mean you have to be friends with your friend friends.

The friendships I’ve created here in Scotland, have no bearing on those I have at home. They each lend support and have allowed me to grow as a person. Diversity in friendships is a great thing. You also don’t need a million friends to add meaning to your life.

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