“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” ~Gustave Flaubert


Let’s face it, THINGS happen in our lives. Big things, little things, bad things, confusing things. Many times when sometime drastic happens, it spurs us to make life changing decisions like uprooting and leaving our familiar place. Moving is a big risk, but then again life is full of’em.

After two years, I’m still being asking the question……”Why did you move?” There is no short answer to that question, as there were a number of factors and reasons that prompted my move.

But the thing I’ve alway enjoyed about travelling, is the same thing that I’m now enjoying even more living in a different country than my own.


Everything is new and there are a lot of ‘first-times’
One of the best things about starting over new in an unfamiliar location is that everything is new. Your world is suddenly full of potential. A new discovery around every corner and each new town.


You discover a part of yourself you didn’t know was there
You never truly know how far you can go until going the distance is you only option. Many of us go through the motion, finding comfort in an everyday routine, where every aspect of our day is common and ritualistic.

When you find yourself in a foreign land and ‘home’ is a million miles away, you make new friends who bring out qualities in you that weren’t there before. You channel your inner strength, tackling the world in front of you with passion and intention. Your grows.


Home will always be HOME!
At the end of the day, you’ll always have a place that you call home. Should your world fall into darkness and you find yourself sinking when you should be swimming, know that you can go back. Enjoy your new home, new life and really put forth the effort to make things work, you’ve got nothing to lose.


You experience things that change your life
Some of your most cherished and unforgettable experiences that turn into lasting memories happen when you’re feeling afraid and alone. It’s easy to take the path that’s been done before, or the one that is laid out in front of you. It’s when things become difficult and trying that we truly discover who we are and what we want in life.


Your new place becomes a place to call home
Sometimes we leave home because of a bad event or experience, sometimes we leave simply because we felt stagnant. It doesn’t matter the reasoning, when you realised you’ve constructed and have started living a new life in a new place, you accept this new place as your home. The only thing better than having a home, is having two homes because home, is where the heart is!


~Have a terrific Tuesday

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