Need some help! I’ve googled, done the WordPress HELP desk and can’t seem to be able to get suitable answers to my questions! The past few months I’ve had the internet gremlins visiting me on wordpress.

Why are my photos disappearing? 1394575907-answer-3-questions-before-jumping-entrepreneurship.jpg
Despite photos still being in my WordPress library, they no longer appear on some of my old post.

Where are my videos?
Same here, videos are still available on Youtube, but are no longer available on my website.

What’s up with scheduled post?
My clock is set to UTC. However, my scheduled post have been erratic, sometime they publish on time, sometimes they don’t!

Thanks in advance.

15 thoughts on “HeLp!!

  1. Id like to know ohow to eliminate my site or make it work . Very frustrated with the whole thing. I got halfway completed with the landing page and now can’t get back to finish it. IS THERE A PHONE NUMBER AND LIVE PERSON TO TALK WITH???

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    1. Hi Sarah, same there. I’ve been having these problems for past few months. After searching online and posting in WP, I decided to post in my blog to see if anyone here might know the answers, or are experiencing the same problems.

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