Wellness Wednesday


“When you are enthusiastic about what you do, you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple.”  ~Paulo Coelho

How emotional resilient are you?

WE pay very close attention to our health and treat threats to our physical self as soon as they occur; puling out the woolies when the weather turns and we feel cold, we apply sunblock to protect us from the harmful rays of the sun, and put ointments on our wounds. But sometimes we fall short, and are less proactive about taking care of our psychological well-being.

Adopting healthy habits, treating your psychological injuries when they occur can improve emotional resilience.


1. Disrupt the Urge to Brood and Ruminate: The best way to do this is to distract yourself with a task requires your concentration. It could be as simple as pulling out those adult colouring pages, or a game of Sudoku. Me? I love doing puzzles, they’re time consuming, but they take a lot of concentration.

2. Combat Loneliness by Identifying Self-Defeating Behaviours: Make a list of excuses you’ve used to avoid taking initiative in social situations. Washing your hair should NOT be one of them 🙂

3. Engage in meaningful, creative work: Do things that challenge your creativity and make you feel productive, whether or not you get paid for it.

4. Make time for contemplation and appreciation: Think about the things you’re grateful for. Mediate, pray, enjoy the sunset, or do all three. The important thing is that you take a moment to pay attention to what is good, positive, and beautiful in your day.


One comment on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. […] failure for you, but today could  better one, people who aren’t ruined by one bad day are resilient and resiliency is a sure sign of having purpose and […]


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