Meaningful Monday


“Music is the movement of sound to reach the soul for the education of its virtue.” ~ Plato

I love music! But for me the lyrics are just as important as the beat, some people dance to the beat without ever hearing or appreciating the words to the songs. If we choose to see it all as music, you have to learn to appreciate the beauty of the pauses, because in between each of the notes you hear a little strike, a ding or a ring. And in between those the spaces comes this magical thing that makes the next ding that much more beautiful. So when the next note comes the song become a fluid masterpiece of beauty.


Life is like a song, there are high note, low notes, and in between those notes there is a pause. A ding, a ring…… The trick is to wait for the next little note…Don’t try to fill that space with noise…Because then it ruins the music of life. Silence isn’t the worst thing in the world, sometimes it’s the best thing. It gives us time to hear the lyrics that life is turning in your head. It gives us balance and insight. If you really take some time to look at your life. Step back and really look at your it, you’ll see that life is made up of a lot of little notes intricately placed to make the finale that much better. All you need is patience and a good ear for listening. Don’t let outside noise stop you from hearing your music.




~Have a Meaningful Monday!





©Etta D. Richards


4 comments on “Meaningful Monday

  1. Miriam says:

    What a lovely post. Like you, I adore music and it’s really about the whole experience isn’t it. The words, the tune, the melody and beat, much like the completeness of life’s circle.

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    • EttaD says:

      Yup! You’re right Miriam, I thought about that while think looking for a song to post for my Mom for Mother’s Day yesterday. How music is much like our life circle 😉
      I’ve always been attracted to lyrics first, and everything else after. Some songs have terrific tunes, melody etc. but if the words doesn’t resonate with me everything else is lost. Whereas most of my friends, it’s complete opposite 😉

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