Many times, the only way to improve our lives is to force ourselves to undergo difficult change. That might mean breaking up and leaving a stale – but comfortable – relationship, leaving a mediocre – but stable – job, moving away from a nice – but uninspiring – location, or anything else that’s holding us back from accomplishing our dreams.

Why are excuses to easy to come by? Why do people feel more comfortable making an excuse than making a decision?  It’s not rocket science that, in order to get what you want, means making sacrifices.

One decision is all it takes change your entire life.

Have you ever wondered?
Who could you be if you really took a stand for your greatness?
Who could you be if you decided that you wanted to be more than you are now?
Would could you be if you decided one day you wanted to represent an idea?

You could be anything if you were willing to pay the price of….

Long hours.
Ocean of doubt, worry, anxiety, fear!
And a flood of EVERY negative emotion that you could possibly think of.

You will also have to be willing to suffer at times deep loneliness on this path. These are the realities you must endure to be more than a person, the realities you are creating something of yourself that never before existed. The reward of being successful, following your dreams and achieving your goals, far out weighs the price you pay to get there.
What’s the one decision you need to make that will change your life? You are the only person who know exactly what IT is.

Decide today that you are wiling find that IT, make that change and have a Meaningful Monday!!


©Etta D. Richards