Wellness Wednesday


“Because one believes in oneself, one doesn’t try to convince others. Because one is content with oneself, one doesn’t need others’ approval. Because one accepts oneself, the whole world accepts him or her.”
~Lao Tzu

Never lower your standards to those people whose dreams are not as big as yours. Don’t ever try to explain yourself to people who cannot understand your level of perception.

This reminds me of the Giraffe and Turtle story. The giraffe’s long neck allows it to see the world from an entirely different pint of view, and eat from the top of the trees, it’s vision is on a completely different level from those who cannot share that level of perception.

The turtle on the other hand can only stretch it’s neck so far. Turtles can only eat as far as their necks can reach, it’s vision is but a few feet in front of them.


Don’t get me wrong. By no means is the Giraffe better than the turtle, they both have a purpose, but they both have different perception of the world around them; and if the giraffe tries lowers it’s head to the level of the turtle and stays there grazing for too long, blood flow can’t get to it’s brain, so the giraffe passes and can even suffocate. Fortunately for us unlike the turtle or the giraffe, we have the power of our instincts and can choose or adjust our level of perception. We can dream beyond our horizon. Unfortunately for us, though trying to maintain our level of perception is HARD. It’s hard being a giraffe when you’re surrounded by turtles, issuing criticism from their point of view suffocating your dreams.

Despite having clear dreams and goals, I spent years accepting the view of turtles, but  then decided I enjoyed too much being  a giraffe. I had a purpose that didn’t include being on the same level of turtles. Sorry turtles!

It’s vital to your wellbeing, to surround yourself with people who share the same rhythm. You owe it to yourself to create a circle of people who understand you!! Understand how you work, where you want to go, how far you’re going and people who will support how you execute your vision. Don’t let naysayers kill your dream or dilute you perception.

You can decide if you want to be a giraffe  or a turtle!!

Happy Wednesday!!


©Etta D. Richards










































































8 comments on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. […] simply cannot see past that single blade of grass. Any idea you pitch to them is shot down because your vision is too big for them to see. Instead of viewing the world in panoramic they peep through the keyhole. Their […]


  2. […] I’ve learned that you’ve got to respect your mind, and be selfish in your doing by mastering your the environment you find yourself in. Whether by choice or circumstance. When you can master your space, you’ve learned how to best modify your unique circumstances for the most emotional balance, which leads to feelings of pride and success. This entails using skills such as time management and prioritisation along with believing in your ability to handle whatever life throws your way. Allowing you to keep what’s necessary and toss aside those things that does not serve your purpose. […]


  3. DeniseBalog says:

    Bravo!! Excellent post!! I am thankful to finally understand this life changing principle!! My Momma always says “Tell me who you go with and I will tell you what you do.” I am blessed to be surrounded by sisters who soar, and a family standing firm upon the Rock:) Both of which took time to established and learn in my heart. Another excellent post Etta! Gosh, I am glad we are neighbors!!

    Liked by 1 person

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