5 Love Languages I Learnt From My Parents

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1. Always find a reason to hug

I don’t really know how this works but more often than not, whenever my parents laugh about something, my father would reach over, give my mum a hug with one of his arms, squeeze her and lovingly kiss her on the cheek AND here’s the thing that I love: it makes me smile EVERY TIME HE DOES IT. I don’t know if I was smiling because of something that was funny, or I was smiling because I’m happy to see my parents still in love after all those years or maybe it was a combination of both. I believe gestures like this keep the love flame alight. A hug doesn’t have to wait for goodbye occasions or when you are sad. You can have happy hugs, as I have learnt from my parents. And it works SO WELL! It even made…

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6 comments on “5 Love Languages I Learnt From My Parents

  1. Miriam says:

    A very worthy share Etta.

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  2. Lili says:

    Thanks for the reblog Etta! I’m glad you can relate to the post 🙂

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