Wellness Wednesday



I’m usually very productive at work, sometimes having lunch at my desk or delaying lunch altogether. But on Monday I stole an additional 30 minutes away from my desk. Yup! For 30 minutes I stood by the huge pane windows at work, as I watched the Oyster Catchers and her chicks pick food from between the cracks of the rock garden. Sure I there was some work needing to be done, but none immediately important. But it was hard to not to take advantage of the summery day……….The sky was blue, it was not raining -the Oyster Catchers were singing their song.

There’s a popular misconception of what it means to be productive, it’s something we all struggle with. I’m beginning to realise that what seems to be productive to you, may not be to someone else. Everyone has their own level of productivity, some would say that the 30 minutes I spent bird watching, could’ve been spent at my desk being MORE productive.

But did my 30 minutes of bird watching make me less productive?

If you’re a diligent employee who puts in his/her eight hours at the office completing your workload for the day, you finish early and decide you’ll spend the final 20 minutes of your workday catching up with your colleagues. Chit Chatting around the water cooler. Does that make you less productive? Job’s done, you have 20 minutes before your workday end…….How do you use those last few minutes productively?

It’s a great, but strange feeling when you are able to recognise that it might be beneficial to your health to slow down the pace, take 20 minutes to give your mind a break from all the data processing it does in a day.

Your mind and body work hard enough just getting you through life. Be kind to it and it will be kind to you.
~Happy Wednesday!!!

©Etta D. Richards


18 thoughts on “Wellness Wednesday

  1. Good for you for taking that time for yourself! You deserve it, everyone does. I bet you were much more productive. I know that breaks help me a lot! We all need to learn to be “selfish” every now and then. Its not a bad thing to do something for ourselves!

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    1. Thanks. Yes the breaks did help a lot, made a huge difference for me. I’m learning fast how to be ‘selfish’ with my time and do things for myself instead of for others all the time.

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  2. Hi Etta! I completely agree, I was the employee who never took a lunch break or spent my “break” doing homework, etc. Now that I (almost) always take my 30-45 min allotted break, my afternoons are much more productive and I feel much more sane. Keep spreading this message!


    1. Bonnie I think we all start out that way. WE are so eager to please that we give up our time too freely, and often to people who don’t appreciate it. But happy to hear you’re doing better in making time for yourself 🙂


  3. Hi,
    Lovely post today, I also want you to know that today I have nominated you for the “One lovely blog award” I hope you accept, and spread around a little more love ! with this award, you can view the details on my blog.

    Congratulations !!


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  4. Great point! Productivity stems from anything that feeds our soul. You were clearly feeding your soul with bird-watching. 🙂 Love your perspective!

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    1. Thank you! The grounds of the University where I’m currently working are protected. So we get lots of animals passing through now and then.
      During the Winter months it’s not unusual to see a few fawns roaming about, last month there were bunnies hopping around.
      This month, seems to be for the birds 🙂

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