Blogging Tips, Advice and Blog Strategy – 6/2/16

Dream Big, Dream Often

What is important to you and your blog?  Views? Followers?  Making money?  Purging your mind?  Knowing why you blog is important because it steers your efforts down particular avenues, which are all in different parts of town.

What happens sometimes is people start a blog with no particular direction in mind other than to clear their mind or talk about their interests.  Then they get a year or two invested and decide they want more.  When a blogger gets to that point I think it is important to know what they actually want.  Many times I’ll get an email asking me how to get followers.  One of my first questions is always ‘What do you want?’  Few bloggers have a specific answer.

So I ask you ‘What do you want from your blog?’  If you want views, then your work and effort will be geared toward getting more views.  If…

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Thankful Thursday


“Get rid of clutter and you may just find that it was blocking the door your’ve been looking for”  ~Katrina Mayer

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