Wellness Wednesday


“Remain flexible when you are working towards your goal. In times of rapid change, all of your best ideas can be contradicted by new information. Be willing to try different things. Be open to new inputs and ideas.”  ~ Brian Tracy

If you’ve ever booked a travel reservation or search for holidays online, you’re probably familiar with ‘flexible travel dates;’ or some of you maybe working ‘flexible hours’ on your job. Flexibility is not only important to being physically fit, it’s also the most important quality that you will require for success in times of change. It gives you the award of choice!

During a job interview I was asked “How flexible are you in your work habits?” I responded as honestly as I could, by saying “I can be as flexible as my selfishness allows.” I think they were afraid to ask me to expound on my response because they never asked and I never moved forward. But glad to say, I did get that job.

Anyone who knows me well, know that I do have a somewhat selfish side. Not in the sense of lacking consideration for others, but rather always considering my personal growth or that of others before sacrificing time and energy into something. Like, I’m not going to fly from point A to B in two days just to save 100 bucks. The money I save is going to cost me time in the long, and time is something you can’t get back.

Being flexible in life also means that you’re:

Open to Feedback and/or criticism: There’s nothing wrong with constructive criticism, the key is for you is to “accept and correct.” Always be open and accepting to new ideas and insights.
Open to making better decisions: The quality of your decisions will reflect on the outcome of your decisions . The very best thing that you can do, if you have insufficient information, is to delay making a decision until you have more info.

Since your my own personal energy all I had to invest in over the course of my lifetime, I tend to be selfish when it comes how I’m going to lend myself to any given thing, work, hobbies, my goals, or how much of my time I’m going to give to others, family, friends. I always ask myself, “How important is this me and my well-being?” and more importantly, “How is this going to get me closer to where I want to be in life?”

Does that all make sense you to you?


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