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“Happiness comes not in the things we possess, but rather the things that possess us-love, joy, gratitude, inner peace.”  ~Etta D. Richards (July 2012)

I am often complimented on my smile, men and women alike have told me it brightens the room. For me smiling is a natural process; even if I’m sad or angry I can muster a smile. It’s just something I’ve perfected over the years. What’s that old saying? “When you smile the whole world smile with you!” I was asked by a colleague recently why was I always so happy, this colleague, by the way, has on so many occasions said she had very little to be happy about because there were just so many things wrong in her life. I told her it just feels better to smile than to cry because I have spent so many years crying, besides, when you’re crying no one cries with you; and I am not always happy, a smile just means that there were more things I was grateful for in the life than not.

Needless to say, my response did leave her a bit baffled, as she reiterated it was not the same for her and she had little to smile about.


If happiness was sold at the corner store everyone would be in eternal bliss. Unfortunately, no one has found a way to market this thing so many are pursuing. People tend to pursue happiness blindly, then get depressed when they can’t find it. The first thing to remember in your pursuit of happiness is to let go of extreme ways you relate to happiness. STOP setting unrealistic goals of positivity. Happiness doesn’t mean an endless supply of joy, contentment, gratitude, or peace. This is unrealistic because life invariably contains hassles, disappointments, and some chronic stress.

My pursuit of happiness does not include the pursuit of approval from others, nor does it include expectations of eternal bliss. But rather gratitude, love for self and enjoying the moment. Being happy can sometimes be as simple as ‘Sharing a Tart.’

~Happy Thursday

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