Feel Good Friday



“Life may not be the party we hoped for… but while we’re here we may as well dance.”
~Jeanne C. Stein

Like the pursuit of happiness, to live a FUNfilled life, you must get into the right mindset by embracing every opportunity that comes your way; that’s IF you’re not afraid to be a little silly fun will never elude you. When I speak of fun, I don’t mean simply being the ‘Class Clown,’ or the ‘Life of the Party.’ Enjoying life doesn’t have to be a party, yeah, I know it’s Friday and the weekend spells ‘party.’ But for me personally Friday is just the door way to the weekend and path to another week of opportunities and new experiences.

To get started on the weekend:

Write down 4 simple things you like to do. Just 4, that’s easy enough isn’t it?
-Tea/ Coffee with friends!
-Window shopping or bargain hunting perhaps?
-Take part in something that will remove you from your routine.
-Toss an online blog party, it tie you to your computer for awhile, but it’s fun interacting –with everyone on here. Participate in activities that will free you from your routine.

Be spontaneous
I love spontaneity, have bags will travel. I’ve always enjoyed travelling, by bus, train, planes or automobile. Have keys, will drive any and everywhere 😉  Bring it on!! Unplanned fun is often the best kind. So are you ready to go? Create a habit of saying “yes” to pleasure and fun!





~Happy Friday!!!


6 comments on “Feel Good Friday

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  2. This post made me smile. It’s so nice to be greeted with such positive energy especially on a Friday. Have a great weekend!! 🙂

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  3. Miriam says:

    Happy Friday to you too … and a great weekend as well. Thanks for the feel good post. 🙂

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